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How to setup OpenCV with Xcode

Lately I used OpenCV with an Xcode project. Maybe someone else needs it too, so i thought I’ll write down what I had to do to get get running. The easiest way to install OpenCV on mac os x is with homebrew. brew install opencv This should install all the opencv libs. I had some […]

Playing Multiple Overlapping Audio Tracks in Background

I wanted to play music in the background on my iPhone. To make the transition between two songs smooth and nice they should overlap and fade.  To achieve this I used the AVPlayer class: created an instance of it and started playing it. After some time it starts fading out, creates a new AVPlayer instance […]

SopCast for Mac OS X

Update: Sopcast is now officially available for Mac OS X. See Original Post: Using SopCast on the mac was always very hard. You had to use it with Windows in a virtual machine. Which made it very inconvenient. But lately I discovered that with the you can build a with just a few […]

Zucchini Pitfalls

Since I’ve been playing around with the Zucchini Framework. I discovered a few pitfalls. Maybe someone else stumbles upon the same problem. So I thought I make a short blogpost about it. 1. Weird “The operation could not be completed.” error: I’ve got this error message:  and the console says -[NSAlert alertWithError:] called with nil […]