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Advanced Seminar – Depth of Field & Motion Blur

This semester I’m writing my master thesis and parallel to it I have to do an advanced seminar at my university. This seminar covers state of the art topics from real time computer graphics. Here is the abstract of it and the full paper as a pdf.

Recent video games increasingly try to produce a more cinematic atmosphere. An important part of cinematography is depth of field and motion blur. With depth of field a director can focus a viewer’s attention to a certain region of the scene. It can be seen as an artistic tool for motion pictures. To bring video games more closer to motion pictures this artistic tool is also widely used in recent video games. Although motion blur is more of a by product relating to the physical limitations of photo and video cameras, it can also be used as an artistic tool to visually enable a better perception of movement and actions in motion pictures and video games.

This report takes a look at some state of the art techniques for motion blur and depth of field rendering on modern graphics pipelines in realtime. Depth of field is covered with an older approach that is often used and is extended with the effect of a fast aperture bokeh. Motion blur is covered with a rather new approach that can also be used for depth of field. This approach is intended for future generations of graphics hardware and is not production ready today. 

You can download the full paper here.

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