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Fix Radar or GTFO: My Opinion on it

A few days ago this site: came up on my twitter stream. And shortly after that some people complained about it, that it is disrespectful. I don’t agree with that. Maybe it’s not the nicest way to say it. But I think we can all agree on that there has to change something. Here are a few things I would like to see there because I don’t agree with all the points on the “Fix Radar or GTFO” text.

  • Open: By default a radar bug should be viewable by everyone. So if I have an issue, I can search for it and see if that bug is already reported. Then I don’t have to do all the work which might include creating a new Xcode project and write some case to reproduce the error in a vanilla environment etc. etc. This would be a win-win situation. So apple does not have to search for duplicates and we can save a lot a time spent on writing duplicates. (now that I’ve wrote it down the status quo sounds even more ridiculous) For people who have to share some secret bug reports, a simple “private” would still do.
  • Rewards: Every accepted bug report should give some reward. Then that reward can be traded into support incidents. That would be a fair trade. We help apple finding bugs, they help us fixing our problems. This would motivate a lot a people to write bug reports. Just look how well stack overflow does with exactly that motivation!
  • Interface: As “Fix Radar or GTFO” already said. That interface is so 90’s and we’re now in 2012! In my opinion putting the bug reporting into Xcode is not such a good idea. There’s too much stuff in Xcode already. But make a new nice app and putt all the bug reporting in there. And if that’s too much, at least build a proper web app for it that’s state of the art.
  • Feedback: Please apple communicate with us some time. Right now most of the time it feels like your bug reports are going straight to /dev/null. If you’re lucky you gets a “This is a duplicate GTFO” response. But most of the time you get absolutely no response for months if not years. This brings us back to the first point. Make it open and then communicate with us about what’s going on. So we know on what we can really on and on what not.

These are my four main points about radar. Any other improvement welcome too. But there have to be some changes in the near future! Developers among many others made apple the most valuable company in the world, now they should show the necessary respect by improving bug reporting.

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