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Playing Multiple Overlapping Audio Tracks in Background

I wanted to play music in the background on my iPhone. To make the transition between two songs smooth and nice they should overlap and fade.  To achieve this I used the AVPlayer class: created an instance of it and started playing it. After some time it starts fading out, creates a new AVPlayer instance […]

Fix Radar or GTFO: My Opinion on it

A few days ago this site: came up on my twitter stream. And shortly after that some people complained about it, that it is disrespectful. I don’t agree with that. Maybe it’s not the nicest way to say it. But I think we can all agree on that there has to change something. Here are a […]

Kony 2012

Today when I woke up and looked into my twitter stream I saw this video (thx to @notch). It made me donate some money to them, hopefully it will make you too. Good article about the project: (in german)