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SopCast for Mac OS X

Update: Sopcast is now officially available for Mac OS X. See

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Using SopCast on the mac was always very hard. You had to use it with Windows in a virtual machine. Which made it very inconvenient. But lately I discovered that with the you can build a with just a few clicks.

WineBottler DMGFirst get the newest version of the SopCast client for Windows. Then get the WineBottler app. After you’ve downloaded the WineBottler app, copy the and the into your Applications folder.

WineBottler - Create Custom Prefixes

Then start the and select “Create Custom Prefixes”. Press “select File…” and select the downloaded and unzipped SopCast exe. Check the “Self Contained” checkbox, so you don’t need Wine anymore after creating the Finally press “Install”.

Select where to put your generated .app and wait until the sop cast installer starts.

Installer Language

Press OK and click through the installer. Make sure to uncheck the “Run SopCast” checkbox in the end and finish. After that the WineBottler asks you for the file that should be run when starting the new app. By default “StreamServer.exe” is selected. Chang this to “SopCast.exe”.

WineBottler - Selecte exe

Click OK and you’re done. Now you can start your SopCast client and watch TV Streams. The first time you start a stream, SopCast might show you an error that something crashed and it might not work with Wine. Just ignore it and double click the stream again. Then it works.

Because your SopCast client doesn’t show the stream itself.  You have to use VLC to actually watch a stream. When SopCast is running. Open the following URL with your VLC: http://localhost:8902/tv.asf

VLC SopCast

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  1. Jessica said:

    Thanks for writing these detailed instructions. They did not work for me, however. When I clicked Install in Winebottler, I never saw the SopCast installer. It takes me directly to the “Select Startfile” dialog, and I do not see StreamServer.exe or SopCast.exe, only “WineFile” or “iexplorer.exe”.

    I have been using the latest version of SopCast, version 3.5.0. Which version of SopCast did you use to make these instructions?

    • Maybe you’ve checked the silent install checkbox? That’s the one right on the left side of the install button. I’ve never tested that option. Try installing without it.

  2. Thank you very much for you step-by-step walkthrough! I’ve been dreaming for SopCast on OS X for ages, and now it’s indeed working!

    A little question while we are here: do you know, is it possible to make that “bottled” to open links directly from the browser? I use Chrome, and if I click sop://blah-blah, then just nothing happens :(.

    Thank you once again.


    • In Mac OS X it is possible to make an app responding to a certain protocol. But I don’t know if Wine can redirect that correctly to the SopCast app. If I get some free time I’ll look into that. But so far I have no solution for that.

  3. the vlc is working, but the sopcast menu bar will be shortly in sight and disappears suddenly…….and can not use it than anymore, restart again and the same happens, login screen, ok, than shortly 4 menu choices, and gone again, maybe aborted…….what did i do wrong.

  4. How do you fix VLC stopping? I tried the playlist loop but it is quirky.

    • tpost said:

      What do you mean with ‘quirky’? Sometimes if the stream is not really stable it restarts because of the loop, but on a solid stream i’ve never had problems with that.

  5. Mike Wick said:

    The video works great, but the sound lags for about 5-10 seconds. I’ve tried multiple streams and get the same problem for all of them. Any possible fixes?

  6. Mike Wick said:

    Nevermind — figured it out. You just need to run the sound through VLC and not Sopcast. Thanks! Works beautifully.

  7. Anders said:

    Hey! Just followed your step by step guide and it worked a charm! Been trying to get Sopcast to work on my mac for a year, well chuffed now!

    Thanks a lot!

  8. How do you open the URL using VLC?

    • In VLC open up the Menu: File -> Open Network… -> Enter the URL in the URL field.

  9. thanks for your step by step instructions. worked like a charm

  10. Martin said:

    Hey, thanks for the instructions. But I have an additional question, how can i watch channels that are not on the list in sopcast if I know the channel number. When I type the number in the address bar it doesn’t seem to work.

  11. Thank you

  12. Thank you so much – i have been wanted this for years!

  13. Thank you for this great tutorial.

    It has worked perfectly for me apart from vlc cutting out despite the stream in sopcast showing a strong buffer rate.

    Besides from enabling the playlist loop, do you have any suggestions to stop this?

  14. Hey. Loved this breakdown, really helpful.

    I am using Mountain Lion on my Mac so I had some problems with the initial install, but I just followed Apple’s links and installed XQuartz and it worked perfectly. Thought I’d post this in case anyone else had a similar issue.

    Thank you so much. Amazing stuff.


  15. Hi I am in the same boat as Martin (above)
    Cant seem to get channel numbers for footy games connecting

  16. Hey, guy, now Sopcast works on Mac machines, the official website now released a Mac edition.

  17. Earl of Dingleberry said:

    This is a piece of shite. Uses 90% CPU, Virtualbox with Ubuntu server with command line Sopcast only 30%.

  18. mark shirley said:

    Couldnt get this to work started to bring sopcast dialog box asking me where to save it but it gave me a windows file structure

  19. mark shirley said:

    I tried a second time this time I got a prefix error

  20. mark shirley said:

    What happens is the winebottler app stop half way through installing and the sopcast dialog box opens I press install but when i get to the save to dialog box it shows me a pc file structure do i just accept that and continue?

  21. Thanks. Works perfectly. Now can consign Parallels to the bin!

  22. See the update. I suggest using the official Mac OS X version of Sopcast from now on.